EU origin milk powder


Embodying European Quality

The BoboMoly product range is exclusively produced in Poland, at the heart of the European Union. We source all our ingredients from within the EU, procuring only from trusted suppliers. Each ingredient, including milk, undergoes meticulous testing in our laboratories before being used in production.

Our production facilities and processes are constantly monitored by authorities to ensure compliance with strict EU food safety and quality regulations.


Made from fresh milk

We use only fresh milk and whey, our core ingredients, in the appropriate proportions. We then add the required ingredients and spray dry them into powder form. Afterward, we include auxiliary ingredients not suitable for high-temperature processing.

As a result, the BoboMoly product range:

  • Preserves the nutritional quality and quantity,
  • Contains easily digestible, non-deteriorated proteins with high bioavailability,
  • Offers excellent solubility and superior organoleptic qualities (taste, color, and smell),
  • Ensures homogeneous nutrient distribution for consistent quality.
Produced using fresh milk
Years of experience


Our Expertise

For generations, we have provided children with our nourishing formulas.

Parents can rest assured that by choosing the BoboMoly range, they are relying on our extensive experience and global presence, ensuring that their newborns receive exactly what they need.

BoboMoly is always safe and nutritionally complete.


Online Quality Inspection System

Our absolutely unique Online Quality Inspection System brings added value to parents feeding their baby with the BoboMoly formula. They can easily verify the origin of the BoboMoly product (its genuineness) and the quality.

We take immense pride in our products and are fully committed to maintaining the highest level of transparency regarding their exceptional quality.

Strong R&D and QA capabilities