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Why choose BoboMoly baby milk?

We've been feeding babies for generations, helping them to grow happily. We know how important it is to provide the right nutrition at every stage of your baby's development. For the first few months of life, your baby will get all their nutrition from milk only.

BoboMoly is a nutritionally complete, whey based infant formula containing key vitamins and minerals. It can be used for combination feeding or if baby is not being breastfed.

BoboMoly contains key ingredients and nutrients:

  • essential fatty acids needed for normal growth and development of children,
  • lactose, the sole source of galactose, a key nutrient important for optimal development of the nervous system and myelination,
  • calcium and phosphorus needed for normal growth and development of bones in children,
  • Iron contributing to normal cognitive development of children,
  • High Quality Proteins – BoboMoly contains a scientifically balanced blend of whey and casein proteins. This combination of protein sources provides essential amino acids that support growth and development.
  • Vitamin D important for immune system.

Breastmilk is best for your baby during the first months of life. It contains everything your baby needs for a healthy development. Our nutritionists have therefore developed BoboMoly infant formula according to the latest research findings.

Quality Control Approved

Evaluate BoboMoly quality for yourself

Using Geo-Poland's exceptional Quality Inspection System, you can personally confirm the remarkable quality of the BoboMoly formula! Just find the batch number located at the bottom of the package (next to the production and expiration dates) and input it into our Quality Inspection System .